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Re: Media Bay

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 04:53:22PM +0300, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> I am sorry: I guess taht there is a misunderstanding.
> my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 7000k:
> the media bay allows to swap the CDROM reader (hardware)
> and the ZiP reader (hardware).
> Under Window,
> we can swap the hardware without rebooting,
> I just wonder wether we can do the same under Linux:
> I guess we can, but I do not know how.
> Arthur H. Johnson II wrote:
> >eject will open a tray and eject -t will close a tray.  Did you unmount
> >the drive before trying to eject it?
> >

All I have on my 8100, is the floppy (removeable) and that works with no
problems. Can't speak for the CD-ROM/RW or ZIP though, sorry. There is a
linux on dells mailing list, might try there. (don't have the url handy
for it, sorry)

Jim Richardson
	Anarchist, pagan and proud of it
Linux, from watches to supercomputers, for grandmas and geeks. 

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