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DHCP with a Woody

Well, I finally got this cable modem working with the DHCP.  For posterity what i had to do was unplug the cable modem from it's power supply for two hours and then plug it back in as i rebooted my masquerade server.  It was almost a tie for which would get done first, but luckily the cable modem was done by the time linux showed, "configuring network interfaces...." and now i have broadband.

Well, not really, but it's damn closer than i had been before.  I can make a connection.  The problem now is i get many bad and continous RX errors.  To wit:

Well, fsck, i destroyed the evidence.  (am back on dial up for the moment).   Will reproduce the problem again very soon and will post.

I haven't looked it up, anyway; i just wanted to show resolution to the first problem and threw the RX errors riddle in here gratuitously.

Tony Firecloud
Oh, if my parole officer knew i have email!

REF: charter cable modem dhclient debian woody nebraska

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