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Re: Samsung GT8000

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 07:08:10PM +0200, Michael Ablassmeier wrote:
> someone runs Woody succesfull on a Samsung GT8000 series Notebook ?
> i have some troubles with the pcmcia-chipset/soundcard

ok here the troubles:

i set up Debian Woody, with pcmcia-cs package, and kernel 2.2.19 (from
the net install package)..

The pcmcia stuff and my pcmcia network card works nice, the normal
soundspeaker not ....
if i load the maestro3 modul (for my ESS card) there is a loud peepin
sound, and in the background the normal, but lsmod shows me that no
module is load ??

ok, i tried with buildin the pcmcia package by my own..
did that, the soundspeaker (normal) works nicely, and the pcmcia card
too :)

but if i want to load the maestro3:

maestro3: pci subsystem reports irq 0, this might not be correct.
maestro3: Configuring Maestro3(i)hw found at IO 0x1400 IRQ 0
maestro3: subvendor id: 0x3260144d
ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, vendor id1: 0x8384, id2: 0x7609 (SigmaTel
maestro3: unable to allocate irq0,
maestro3: 0 maestros installed.

so, .. lspci -v reports me a ess soundchip on IO 0x1400, but no IRQ..

if i setup kernel 2.4.18, the maestro3 loads nicely, but my pcmcia stuff
dont works...
for me it seems so that on 2.2.19 the maestro3 want to have a false
irq/io and with 2.4.18 the pcmcia stuff does that ..

someone have ideas ?
MfG /*/ kind regards  /*/ Debian GNU\Linux
Michael Ablassmeier  /*/  ITSZ Holzkirchen

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