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Re: battery level applet on a dell

>  i run debian woody 2.4.18 happily on a dell i8k. recently i upgraded
>  gnome1.4 to gnome2 and decided i would use the cute little applet that
>  tells me how much battery power i've got left. sadly it doesn't seem to
>  work. if anyone's got any experience with gnome[2] and had a clue about
>  getting it to work on a dell that'd be great.

Probably depends very much on your BIOS Version. I'm using ACPI; the
gnome1 battery applet did not work at all for me; the Gnome2 applet does
display the battery correctly, but doesn't recognize my ac adapter
(well, fortunately i know myself wheter i have the power cord attached
So it depends if you use ACPI or APM and on your Bios revision.


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