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Re: Multiple users (perhaps OT)

>>>>> "Ivar" == Ivar Alm <octo@acc.umu.se> writes:

Ivar> Hi all.  I have a question that migh be OT. Doesn't have to do
Ivar> with laptops specifically.  I want to allow more than one user to
Ivar> connect to the X server.  The thing is that we are two people
Ivar> using my machine regularly at home, me and my girlfriend.


I don't know if it's feasible for you (in terms of memory requirements,
etc), but you might want to launch two X servers, one on vt7, and one on
vt8.  Then, if you're working on something, and your girlfriend wants to
use the computer, she can switch to vt8 and log in as herself.  This
way, she gets to keep all her preferences, etc.

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