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Re: Multiple users (perhaps OT)


xhost +localhost
su - username
export DISPLAY=localhost:0

>From here you can launch your X based apps.  Change localhost and :0

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On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Ivar Alm wrote:

> Hi all.
> I have a question that migh be OT. Doesn't have to do with laptops
> specifically.
> I want to allow more than one user to connect to the X server.
> The thing is that we are two people using my machine regularly at
> home, me and my girlfriend. I would like to log in as myself, start X
> and still have the possibility for her to su to her user and launch X
> programs.
> At the moment, the X server doesn't allow any other than the user who
> started X to start X applications. And if she wants to write texts and
> save to her user, we need to restart X, or she needs to work in a
> terminal.
> Can I authorize other users (not remotely?) logged in to start X
> applications?
> //Ivar

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