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Re: Media Bay

>>>>> "Jerome" == Jerome BENOIT <benoit@eie.gr> writes:

Jerome> I am sorry: I guess taht there is a misunderstanding.  my laptop
Jerome> is a Dell Inspiron 7000k: the media bay allows to swap the CDROM
Jerome> reader (hardware) and the ZiP reader (hardware).

I have an IBM ThinkPad, which has a similar mechanism (they call it
UltraBay).  I can swap the drive when it's suspended, then run the
idectl script found in the hdparm package (it gets installed in
/usr/share/doc/hdparm/examples/idectl, but I have a symlink from
/usr/local/bin).  For me, I do "idectl 1 rescan".

I just swap drives when suspended, because if I swap when running, the
laptop starts beeping, which makes me afraid that swapping will mess
something up.

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