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tasksel problems "No task packages found on this system."

Hi Folks,

Thanks to eveyone who came up with ideas on my errors while installing Mozilla. (Being a newbie, I didnt think to just use "apt-get install mozilla"!)

Okay here's my new problem, I repartitioned my hard drive and reinstalled debian completely. Now I've just got the basic debian packages, because I installed from floppy.

When I run tasksel, I get an error message

No task packages found on this system. Did you update your available file?

I looked at my /var/lib/dpkg/available file and did not see any packages with a "task-*" in the package details. According to some documentation I read on tasksel, it is looking for the "task-*" string to add packages to the task list -- is this right?

I fixed this about a week ago by editing a file, using suggestions I found from someone submitting a bug report / complaint to debian developers about this issue. But now I can't find the guy's posting!

Any ideas? I've been using google extensively but just can't dig up the necessary fix.

thanks in advance!
Gale Stafford

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