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Re: Unidentified subject!

I build mozilla from the mozilla.org cvs server several times a month, and
have been doing so for the better part of two years.

Now it so happens that my build environment for mozilla is freebsd, -stable,
and -current. There _is_ a problem presently (last week, this, maybe next)
building mozilla on -current -- an artifact of the delta to the c++ language
processor. The lizard does have memory leaks, and noisy diagnostics, for the
folks that do their own compilations, from configurations that dump debug
cruft onto stderr. I like the stuff, YMMV.

I run it on a Sony (nice hardware, bad support, ergo depricated vendor)
505TX, a system three years beyond its sell-by date, that runs -stable,
and I run it under fvwm2.

I can't speak for debian-builds, or even for linux-builds, but the problems
complained of seem to be something other than lizard-isms.

For those who like to build such things, there are alternatives to the


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