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Another guide for a diskless installation?

I have an IBM Thinkpad 560 with no external floppy drive or (any) CD-ROM. 
It's running Win '95 with no other partitions and the only way to get data in
or out of the laptop is with an Ethernet PC Card.

That's why I'd like to execute a diskless installation.  The installation
guide seems to treat this type of installation as an afterthought, but I'm
also having trouble finding a more thorough guide to a diskless installation.

I'm also looking to convert this laptop into a basic Internet surfing machine.
 What *lightweight* browsers can I use?  I also define weight to be total
weight, including any desktop GUIs that I'll need to install.  I've heard of
Galeon and Skipstone, and I think at least of of them needs GNOME (I was also
originally thinking about using XFree86).

Any thoughts and resources would be greatly appreciated!

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