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Re: LAN help requested

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I'm having trouble setting up an ethernet, I have two
laptop comuters that i would like to network with the
help of an older desktop computer that would act as a
file server and gateway/firewall to the internet.  I
understand the theory of how this works pretty well,
but in practice i don't get very far.  My main problem
now is getting the
network itself setup so that the hosts can ping each
other. I can't even ping between the two little
computers with just the ethernet cable between them, so
the server isn't really a part of this problem.
yup check the cable, 1 to 3, 2 to 6 configuration
  /  \
 /    \
/      \
the rest is 2-2, 5-5,7-7,8-8

The ethernet cards ARE supported by the kernel images
i'm using in each machine, and no i don't need to load
modules. I use ifconfig to program each card with an
IP. Here's what my ifconfig -a looks like from one

eth0  Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:10:5A:1B:F3:6B
inet addr:  Bcast:

The other looks identical, but with a different IP
addr, of course.  So that's good.
I'm not sure how big your subnet net to be but
ifconfig eth0 netmask boardcast gw (your public ip)
should make that work with the server
Computer wireless          (wireless)
ComputerA ----- HUB --------COMPUTERB
               Gateway Server eth0
                                       public ip eth1

A--ifconfig eth0 netmask boardcast
route add -net gw
B--ifconfig eth0 netmask boardcast
route add -net gw
C--ifconfig eth0 netmask boardcast
route add -net gw

now everybody should able to ping each other then
setup firewall rule and masq you are good to go.

Now according to the network administrators guide, I
should add a route entry; so i do this "route add -host" to which i get the error code:
SIOCADDRT: No such device.

Well, borq!  I don't know what i can do beyond this!
Maybe one of you out there can see where i'm mistaken.

Tony Firecloud

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