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Re: LAN help requested

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 03:51:17PM -0700, Mail User wrote:
> I'm having trouble setting up an ethernet, I have two
> laptop comuters that i would like to network with the
> help of an older desktop computer that would act as a
> file server and gateway/firewall to the internet.  I
> understand the theory of how this works pretty well,
> but in practice i don't get very far.  My main problem
> now is getting the
> network itself setup so that the hosts can ping each
> other. I can't even ping between the two little
> computers with just the ethernet cable between them, so
> the server isn't really a part of this problem.

Are you using a crossover cable or a hub?  An ordinary straight-through
ethernet cable won't work for that.

[ sensible net 10 network settings ]
> Now according to the network administrators guide, I
> should add a route entry; so i do this "route add -host
>" to which i get the error code:
> SIOCADDRT: No such device.

You shouldn't need to add a route for a host that's on the same network

Jon Leonard

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