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Re: infraport on ibm thinkpad


> A quick look on http://www.linux-laptop.net/ reveals three pages for the
> A22M, one of which (http://mobilix.org/ibm_a22m_e.html) might be
> interesting to you:
> "IrDA
> I had only time for a quick check. Enable IrDA in the BIOS. SIR works on
> /dev/ttyS1. irdadump detects my HP Laserjet 2100. 
> FIR module nsc-ircc doesn't load correctly. Please read docs for special
> settings in /etc/modules.conf. "

yes, I know this page (google rules :-).
Anyways, I thought that FIR and SIR are two different infrared protocols
and devices which work on one don't work on the other. Now I understand
what it means. So, I play with SIR now (I need only 9600bps dialout, so
speed really doesn't matter to me yet).

> So, ok, Fast Infrared (FIR) maybe doesn't work, but you should be able to get
> normal infrared (SIR) working.
> I don't have your machine, but maybe I can give you some advice

ok, I reconfigured irda-common, selected serial, /dev/ttyS1 and for
dongle none. Now the messages from kernel are:

Jun  8 11:49:10 jurajbug kernel: IrDA: Registered device irda0
Jun  8 11:49:11 jurajbug irattach: executing: 'echo 1 >
Jun  8 11:49:11 jurajbug irattach: Starting device irda0
Jun  8 11:49:11 jurajbug irattach: executing: 'echo jurajbug >
Jun  8 11:49:11 jurajbug kernel: irtty_net_open()
Jun  8 11:49:11 jurajbug kernel: irlap_change_speed(), setting speed to

Anyways, irdadump says nothing :(.

> Check the that the IR port in the BIOS is set to SIR, and doesn't have
> FIR enabled.

there's no such setting in my bios, I can only set IRQ, I/O Port and DMA
channel under Infrared setting. It is correct:

ttyS01 at 0x02f8 (irq = 3) is a 16550A

> I use, 
> modprobe irtty
> irattach /dev/ttyS3 -s 1
> and it works (yours should be ttyS1). The utility "irdadump" from the
> irda-utils package, should show if there is any activity in the irda
> channel.

jurajbug:/dev# modprobe irtty
jurajbug:/dev# irattach /dev/ttyS1 -s 1
1.1 Tue Nov  9 15:30:55 1999 Dag Brattli
jurajbug:/dev# irdadump
09:58:04.206782 xid:cmd 1932b46e > ffffffff S=6 s=0 (14)

hm..... That's all I can get from irdadump, sometimes after
initialization.  (the phone's infraport was turned off at this time, I
turned it on later and irdadump wrote nothing about it).


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