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Re: Advice for Ethernet/Modem Combo Card

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 10:07:06PM +0100, Luis Mendes wrote:
> 1) Does the fact that both devices are in the same card affects in any
> way the ease of installation under woody or is it advisable to get
> separate cards for the two functions?

Like Jeremy, I too have a Xircom RealPort combo card.  It works fine, and I
would expect other combo cards would work well too (assuming they're
supported by pcmcia-cs).

The only one little trick I need to use is that I have to turn the ethernet
port off (ifconfig eth0 down) before using the modem to connect by phone.
This is because eth0 gets loaded automatically when the card is inserted,
and sets up the default gateway.  But you can't have two default gateways,
so when you use the modem, ppp0 gets loaded, but doesn't have a gateway
connecting to it, so you effectively can't use it at the same time.

I figure there must be some way to set up the routing tables so that eth0
and ppp0 can both run at the same time, but I've never really needed them
both at the same, so I haven't worried about it any further.  I just switch
off eth0 manually before using ppp0.  I use a simple script called modon to
do this:

$ cat modon
ifconfig eth0 down
pon provider


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