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RE: Advice for Ethernet/Modem Combo Card

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> From: Luis Mendes [mailto:l.mendes@ic.ac.uk] 
> I have a Toshiba Satellite 1800-314 with woody installed (kernel
> 2.4.17). Everything works fine except for the modem. After checking in
> linmodems.org my impression is that there is no hope to get it working
> properly under linux. Since I also need an ethernet connection to use
> the laptop at work, the best solution is probably to buy a
> ethernet/Modem combo card. So my questions are:
> 1) Does the fact that both devices are in the same card affects in any
> way the ease of installation under woody or is it advisable to get
> separate cards for the two functions?

Usually two separate cards means that you have two dongles that connect
to the card.  And they usually break very often!  I don't believe that
having the two functions in one card is un-advisable.

> 2) Assuming the combo card is ok, I checked prices and specs of
> several cards and I found two which are reasonably priced and may
> work under linux. One is the Linksys EtherFast(r) 10/100 + 56K Modem
> Card PCMLM56 and the other the D-link DMF-560TX (there is also a no
> dongle version, DMF-560TXD) Both are listed in the PCMCIA list of
> supported devices (David Hinds) but in the mobilix.org list only the
> D-link is listed and its not clear if the modem works, although the
> no dongle version is listed as working. I checked the
> manufacturer's pages and for the Linksys they say there are drivers
> for the ethernet card but no mention is made about the modem, which I 
> find a bit suspicious. They also say the modem uses a Lucent
> chipset. So my question is, is there anyone in the list with any  
> experience with any of theses cards? If not, are there any cards you
> can suggeste that will work with woody?

I haven't tried my card under Woody (it did work under RH7.0 a long time
ago) but I have a Xircom Realport 56k, 10/100 card.  You plug the phone
and ethernet cables directly to the card.  The modem was able to dialup
just fine.

When I bought the card (actually, I think I got it for an xmas present)
it was around $300.  No doubt it has come down in price in 3 years.  I'm
going to replace a Mandrake install on my Dell Inspiron 7000, and I'll
be configuring it to be a PPP/ethernet gateway with this card.  I'm also
doing this for a tech writing class project.  When I finish up the
documentation, I'll be sure to post a link to it here.


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