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savings on printing

here is the solution.

Ready 24 HOURS from now in Europe, USA and Canada.

Pixart studio's poster service allows you to make large prints straight from
your files easily and reliably. From 50x70 cm (20"x28") to 6x3 mt (20x10ft),
real experts will take care of your image to offer the quality and accuracy
Pixart customers worldwide have come to love. Innovative technology, 360/720
dpi resolution, quality paper and brand-name inks for brilliant, durable
colors (approximately 2/3 months outdoor durability). All this to give you
an end product worthy of the best graphic designers in the world.

some examples:
50x70 cm / 20"x28" : ? 2,17 / usd 2.04
70x100 cm / 28"x39": ? 4,34 / usd 4.08
100x140 cm / 39"x55": ? 8,68 / usd 8.15
120x160 cm / 47"x63": ?14,98 / usd 14.07

6x3 mt. / 20x10ft ? 92,45 / usd 86,81
4x3 mt / 13x10ft ? 62,00 / usd 58,22

1 ? = 0.93 usd

for more informations:

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