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Re: how to boot from net?

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 21:01, Dano wrote:
> I have a laptop without CD and disquette.
> How boot instalation of Debian Sid from net?

In order to install Debian, you need to boot the Linux kernel and start
the Debian installer. CD or disquette are the most practical way to do
that. Once you have started the process once, you can then use your
disks as high tech frisbees and get everything you need from the Net.
But you have to bootstrap the process. You could build a solution where
your laptop boots from a DHCP server on the local network, gets a kernel
image via TFTP and the rest via a NFS mount (à la LTSP), but that's
probably not what you want to do. In your case, the path of least
resistance is to find a way to temporarily add a CD or floppy drive to
your laptop. I fail to see how this can not be possible, even if it
involves digging out the controller port on the motherboard and
connecting a spare ribbon to it.

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