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laptop newbie pcmcia nightmare


my goal is to get a fully working version of linux on my old pentium 75 laptop it has no cdrom drive just floppy pcmcia and irda i have managed to get debain onto the laptop but now i cannot get it to use the pcmcia network card (3com 3c589) to talk to the network Plus to make it worse i have lost the install screen.

my first question is this:
how do i get the system to see the 3com card?

second question:
i have a home network, with a router dns server etc ( overkill i know, but its fun! )
how do i configure the networking side of things?

third question:
how do i get the install screen back so i can tell it i want to down load debain from the web and install it?

thanks and i hope some one can help me!


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