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Re: insmod lt_serial, lt_modem on Acer Extensa 501 Dx

Dear all,

Thanks for your answers. I actually realised that I just needed to provide
lt_modem with a Forced=... parameter in order to load both lt_modem and
lt_serial with no problem, using my isapnp.conf parameters.

I thought it would not work with lt_serial as I was sure it should be
loaded before lt_modem but it does work.

This is with version 6.00c2 as I still get the error messages with the
latest 8.22.

I haven't tried to ppp yet but I am pretty confident it will work without
too much trouble.

Thank you again for your answers. And thanks to the module creators !


  Olivier Crouzet
  Institut des Sciences Cognitives
  CNRS - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

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