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Re: Fujitsu


Yes, I really don't see why the UK should be left out.
Surely by excluding certain countries, major companies such as Fujitsu and
Sony must really loose alot of business each year.
I bet executive decisions like that cost alot of jobs.
However, it isn't impossible to buy these cool notebook computers, it just
takes more time and more money.
I really think Sony and Fujitsu need to re-establish resellers of their tiny
notebooks in the UK and other countries or atleast give us the opportunity
to order over the net. I think it is very bad to restrict deliveries to the
US only.

I still use a Toshiba Libretto 70CT, it is a little slow but spares are
easily available. I know companies who sell replacement parts for these
cheap in the UK so I still use it and god knows I have taken enough of these
apart to probably build my own custom Libretto, they are not that hard to
understand, and battery life is pretty good. Toshiba are the same as Sony
and Fujitsu in the same way that I would have bought the upgraded model the
Libretto M3 if it was available in other countries other than Japan. I
cannot imagine using a portable computer much larger than the Libretto which
is why I would like the Fujitsu P1000 series notebook, its about the same
size. The Libretto has an easy mouse pointer on the right side of the screen
which is very comfortable to use and double the size of the pointer in the
middle of the keyboard of the Fujitsu, but the touch screen makes up for
that. However, the larger 2046 model has a CD/DVD/Rewriter and double the
ram which makes it far more practical at only $200 dollars more but this
makes it harder for me to choose which one to buy. I am told the keyboards
are very nice to type with on the Lifebooks so that may be a bonus in
I wonder why they removed the parallel and serial port, I can live without
the parallel port because I do alot of infrared printing and I have only
used a parallel port for one othing thing and that was transferring files
with a Laplink cable, but the only way around the serial port is to plug in
a USB to serial converter, strange!

I hope the price of the P series Lifebooks will go down soon, it may be
worth me hanging on a little longer.


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> The distribution to UK issue is a major one.
> I've been a touch typist for around 25 years and the keyboard feel is very
> important to me (I hate the new soft-key keyboards). The vaio r505 is one
> looked at and then when I tried one it was 90% of normal size. That's just
> enough to turn me into a fumble fingers so the r505 went off my list. The
> battery life of the vaio's is not consistant across the product line
> only certain models have the long battery life, specifically the models in
> production right now are the r505 series and the vx series. These new here
> the US are going for about $2500+, a little too rich for my blood. The
> Lifebook new is around $1800 and the spare battery isn't that outrageous.
> think the touchscreen wouldn't be too hard to configure, if you poke
> in the mouse configuration portion of XFree86 there's page after page of
> touch screen devices supported. I think this would really end up being a
> bonus. My 3 year old daughter uses a touch screen on a computer at the
> library and keeps asking me when I'll get one so she can play
> easier.
> A Vaio off of ebay sounds appealing as well, but I can't make sense of the
> model numbers to figure out which one's had the long battery life.
> Shawn
> On Thursday 23 May 2002 08:42 am, you wrote:
> > My thoughts exactly, the battery life issue is important, the P series
> > Lifebooks are very good in that sense.
> > I live in the Uk so I haven't had first hand experience of the new P
> > Lifebooks yet but I have tried to weigh up the pro's and cons and I
think I
> > couldn't go wrong if I bought one but if something went wrong with it I
> > would have to pay out to send it back to the US for repairs, so I wonder
> > it is worth it.
> > I have asked one Debian user about the Crusoe processor and he was sure
> > Debian supports it.
> > There is also a web site on the net where one user details the
> > of Debian on his Lifebook 2020 and that model has a Crusoe processor so
> > guess it is supported.
> > The touch screen is a concern, I have no idea how to work around that
> > if I can't find any info for touch screens I will ask the list.
> > The only problem for me is Fujitsu don't deliver to the UK so I would
> > to have it delivered to the US and then sent to the UK and this is where
> > have to say is it worth the expense when I could get a Sony Vaio C1F off
> > ebay for around £300 quid or buy a Lifebook P2020 for £700 new?
> >
> > I just can't make up my mind!
> >
> > Nick
> >
> >
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> > From: "Shawn P. Garbett" <Shawn@Garbett.org>
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> > Subject: Fujitsu
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> > > Nick,
> > >
> > > I was saving for a Sony Vaio because of the long battery life. The
> > > Fujitsu looks like it beats the hell out of the Vaio.
> > >
> > > Have you actually played with one?
> > >
> > > What about the feel of the keyboard?
> > > How is the Debian support for the Crusoe?
> > >
> > > Other than those two questions I feel my hand twitching reaching for
> > > credit card....
> > >
> > > Shawn
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