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[Fwd: HAMR5600 Modem drivers conflicting with SiS630/Trident sound (Linux)]

Hi list...

I've mailed the following message to Smartlink's support. Could other
people verify these problems.

The SmartLink winmodem can be found in sis630 chipset equipped laptops
with modem ports. (Like the clevo2700)

-----Forwarded Message-----

From: Mark Janssen <maniac@maniac.nl>
To: support@smlink.com
Subject: HAMR5600 Modem drivers conflicting with SiS630/Trident sound (Linux)
Date: 13 May 2002 10:34:51 +0200


I've tried getting the HAMR5600 modem in my laptop to work various
times over the past year, using various driver versions provided on
the ftp.smlink.com ftp-site. Using the drivers available on that site
now (2.6.12) i've finally been able to get the modem working on my
Debian Linux system (kernel 2.4.19-pre5).

I have however encountered the following problem. As soon as I load
the modules required for the modem (slmdm and slamrmo) the soundcard
in my system (sis630 audio, trident driver module) stops working (no
such device). Unloading both modem modules and reloading the trident
(sound) module will restore sound-capabilities to my system.

Can your engineers check into this, because it would be handy to be able
to use audio and modem at the same time.

Source of the problem might be that both drivers (audio and modem) both
try to allocate BOTH ac97 codecs in the system (one for modem(Silicon
Laboratory Si3036), one for audio(Asahi Kasei AK4543))


Mark Janssen -- maniac(at)maniac.nl -- GnuPG Key Id: 357D2178
Unix / Linux, Open-Source and Internet Consultant @ SyConOS IT
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