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Re: uninstall Debian

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 08:57, Nick wrote:
> I need to uninstall Debian so I can reinstall from scratch, how can I
> uninstall everything.

I've _always_ wanted to say to someone to just:

rm -rf /

And finally it is halfway reasonable advice!  :-)

Seriously, do an 'fdisk -l /dev/hda' and a 'df' to see what your
partitions are at the moment and where they are mounted.  Save that

Use 'cfdisk /dev/hda' and delete the partitions that have Debian on

Reboot from your Debian installation media (CD, preferably) and you will
be able to do a completely clean install of Debian.

On the other hand this is kind of a strange request.  Very few
situations require a complete reinstall, and you should even be able to
do a reinstall over the top of the existing install, but it could
potentially be messy - the approach above will end up with a completely
clean system, but means losing your data files (under Debian - your
windows ones should be OK).

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