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XF86Config-4 needed for ThinkPad 560e

I have two ThinkPad 560e laptops. One running Potato and WindowMaker very 
nicely (only Mozilla loads a little slowly) and I'm trying to get Woody and 
Gnome 1.4 running on the other, but have a corrupted desktop with bits and 
pieces floating all over.

Obviously, X is not configured right. I've tried manually 
editing /etc/XF86Config-4 using refresh rates, etc. from my Potato installation 
and have also searched Google for XF86Config files for the 560e, but what I 
found didn't solve the problem either.

If anyone is using Woody on the 560e could you please post the module, monitor 
and video card sections? That information should be all I need to get the 
configuration right.

By the Way, SUSE 7.1 and KDE work beautifully (if a little slow) on the 560e!


Dennis Kibbe

Everyone should have http://www.freedom2surf.net/ 

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