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Need help with Woody on Toshiba Libretto 70CT

I have Woody installed on my Toshiba Libretto 70CT notebook. I have successfully setup the display and mouse works fine now, no problems there.
My current issue is this notebook does not use any scsi devices and some how I have installed support for IBM scsi KD-7000 whatever that is, anyway it fails to locate this piece of hardware and I think if I removed this it would speed up the startup. When I startX I get a message in XConsole which describes the failed search for IBM KD-7000 scsi device. How can I remove this?
I am also concerned that when using dselect if left for a minute or two with no activity it then automatically boots into X-Windows with a login box which I do not normally get, and then each time I try to logout it starts X again and I can only get out by resetting the computer. Is this related to the above problem?

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