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Re: Cyber 9525 and APM doesn't work with XFree 4.1


> I have Acer Travelmate 332T which has the Trident Cyber 9525 chipset. I'm
> running Woody on it. Works generally fine, but there's some problem with
> XFree 4.1 that doesn't restore the screen correctly after waking up from
> APM sleep or when switching to text console (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and back.
> It just gives garbage to the screen.
> With Potato and XFree 3.3.6 it worked fine... but then I wouldn't get the
> nice subpixel antialiasing.


Please, define "doesn't restore the screen correctly". XFree 4.0.1
usually works *much* better than 3.3.6. Be sure to pick up your graphic
card correctly.

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook, with a different chip, and I also had a
following problem: 

If the machine entered standby (or suspend) mode for itself, it would
turn off the backlight of the screen in X-windows, and would not turn it
on again. Ctrl-Alt-F1 would enter the console (with backlight on), and I
could operate, and restart X-windows from there.

I commented out the "DPMS on" on the "Monitor" section of
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and now it works ok. 

I think that the backlight was turned off twice: one due to DPMS, and
the other one due to the "standby" request, and then it would not know
how to turn on again.

After disabling DPMS I don't have any problem.

Best regards,



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