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Re: new photos from my party! WARNING, THIS IS A VIRUS !!!!!!

also sprach François Chenais <francois@chenais.net> [2002.01.28.1350 +0100]:
> THIS is a NEW virus !!!!!!


chill. first, it's not new, it's more than 48 hours old already, and
second, *who cares*???

whoever's punished enough to read this list with microshit software
hopefully has the tiny amount of brains left to ask "party? what
party? i didn't go to no part" before eventually *not* doing what
windoze users are good at: double-clicking. it's a bloody attachment,
so please just ignore it.

and stop reading this list with micro$oft. if that requires a change
of job, then why didn't you do so yet???

and: would you *please* *refrain* from quoting the entire email in
your reply? this applies to everyone. quoting is useful if everyone
does it right, but noone seems to understand. you essentially just
sent a 42Kb mail to a mailing list, which said nothing but the
already ridiculously unnecessary "THIS is a NEW virus !!!!!!". in the
future, please wrap that in a micro$oft word 2005 document, which will
then take like 120Kb. (NOT!)

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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