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Re: Dell Latitude C810: Xserver problems and installation page

e> [...]
> > filesrv:/users        15360000  13087056   2137216  86% /home
> > 
> > Moreover, the crashes actually most often happen when I'm logged in as a 
> > normal user and do a "su"-command to apt-get something for example
> NFS root_squash problem?

I'm not an nfs expert at all, but a quick look in the nfs howto
learned me that this the root_squash happens when the root-user of the
client is mapped to the nobody-user on the nfs-mount.  This is indeed
the policy at the work (I'm not sure, but I think the system also
crashes when no nfs-mount are made)

kgadeyne@adhemar # grep nobody /etc/passwd
nobody:*Nologin:65534:65534:anonymous NFS user:/:

I've noticed also that, when I copy something onto an NFS mount, I get
a really bizarre Numerical uid

[root@pc-10-33-39-154 ~]$ ls -l /p | grep config
-rw-r--r--    1 4294967294 4294967294    19815 Jan 24 12:16 config-2.4.17

Can you explain what problems this could cause with respect to my
Xserver crashes (since an apt-get has nothing to put on my /home)?
And how I could further debug this?

Thx a lot!


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