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Xircom CardBus woes

Hi everybody,

I'm running testing with a 2.4.13 kernel on a Toshiba Tecra 8100, and I am having problems with a Xircom CBEII-10/100 (CardBus Ethernet adapter) card.

I'm using pcmcia-cs and hotplug, but I can't get the system to load a driver for my card at boot time. Once I insert xircom_tulip_cb (or xircom_cb) by hand, everything works fine: hotplug calls ifup eth0, etc. Note however that if I insert xircom_tulip_cb by hand, hotplug will still modprobe xircom_cb if I eject and reinsert the card, even though the system won't use it.

So here are my questions:

- How can I get the system to load the driver at boot time?
- How does hotplug determine what driver to modprobe?
- What is the best module to use between xircom_cb and xircom_tulip_cb (or even tulip)? [I have read conflicting reports]

Thanks in advance,


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