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New 'whereami' in unstable

Hi All,

For those who may be interested, I have released a substantially changed
version of 'whereami'.

The major changes are that:

 - Detection is now handled from a single configuration file, rather
than from having to write a bunch of small scripts.

 - The program is now written in perl, rather than in a shell script,
which should give a lot more room for expansion.  The perl script allows
quite a lot of improvement already.

 - Much improved man pages.

Having all configuration in two files (/etc/whereami/detect.conf and
/etc/whereami/whereami.conf) means that I can hope to work up some kind
of a GUI to help the less technically minded configure things.  This
won't happen for some time though.

I've given this a reasonable bashing for about six weeks now (with some
help from expert bug hunter Chris Halls :-), so it should all work.

Yeah right!


PS.  For those who already have configurations set up for the old
whereami I have left it in place, with a debconf question allowing you
to continue with the old operation.  This will be removed in a version
or two.
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