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Re: Modem pcmcia

Perhaps your laptop is having a resource conflict. On my laptop, my IRDA 
shares an IRQ with one of my PC Card slots, so when IRDA is running, I 
can only use one of my two PC card slots.

Really it's hard to tell what your problem is with the information you 
provided below. What kind of laptop is it? Modem? Kernel version? Maybe 
someone could provide a better answer?

Good luck  - 


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On 11/28/01, 3:01:44 PM, Dr Fabio Trapasso <ildottofabio@tiscalinet.it> 
wrote regarding Modem pcmcia:

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> E-Mail: Dr Fabio Trapasso <ildottofabio@tiscalinet.it>
> Date: 28-Nov-2001
> Time: 08:28:30

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> Ciao
> I think the pcmcia-modules pcmcia-source work well, just when cardmgr
>  start the syslog report
> starting, version 3.1.22
> open_sock (socket 0) failed: Device or resource busy
> no socket found
> exiting
> with the ppp just start but failed NO DIALTONE

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