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low resolution with NeoMagic drivers?

Is it possible to get low resolution but truecolor mode
(over 256-colors) with X and Neomagic 2160A chipset?

I'd like to watch VideoCDs on my IBM Thinkpad 560X, but
the CPU doesn't have quite enough power to play smoothly
the video if I use software image size doubler. So I'd
like to do that with hardware.

If I try to set my X server to use low resolutions (like
320x200, 320x240, 400x300) X server complains that the LCD
is not capable to display these resolutions; however I know
it is, because the standard VGA server can do it too for
320x200 mode, but only with 256 colors.

I'm using Potato 2.2R3 with the default X server
(3.x, I believe).

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