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Re: dhcp and debian install

On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 00:21, Jeff wrote:
> Michael Heldebrant, 2001-Oct-25 00:08 -0500:
> > On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 22:42, Timothy Ryder wrote:
> > > I am trying to install debian and am having a problem.  My cable modem
> > provider requires that I pass a computer name to them to use dhcp.  With
> > most other distros I would type /sbin/dhcpcd -h <computername>, but with
> > debian I can't.  How can i pass the computer name during  install to the
> > dhcp client.
> > 
> > Which dhcp client are you using dhcpcd or pump or dhcp-client?  The
> > first two can use the option hostname in your /etc/network/interfaces
> > file.  The following information from is from man interfaces:
> > I use dhcp-client and edited the config file by hand after reading up on
> > how to do it properly.
> > 
> > --mike
> I use dhcp-client and my /etc/dhclient.conf file consists of only a single 
> line:
> send host-name "hostname";
> This works perfectly with my cable provider.

I use some of the other options like prepending my own dns into the
resolv.conf file and superseding the network names due to my own
internal network topology.  Works much more reliably than pump with
@home.  Pump would never renew, fixing it would ALWAYS require a reboot
for whatever reason is beyond me.


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