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Re: New Notebook Intel Chipset (Almador/ICH3/E830)

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Beck, Pascal wrote:
> I got a Sony VAIO notebook : PCG-GR serie.
> This VAIO got the new Intel Chipset ICH3, and it seems that The Linux Kernel
> (2.2.19;2.2.10) fail to get the IRQ of the device:
> BUS:00
> Device:1d
> Functiun:2
it may be interesing to try the 2.4.x kernels, especially as later on you
will be able to try other things like journaling and LVM.  If I remember
the USB support was back ported to 2.2.x, this may be an issue but I bet
I'm wrong on this.

> It is the third USB hub of this chipset.
> I tried [pcitweak -w00:1d:02 60 0x00000309] to write the IRQ,
> Using [lspci] i can see that the IRQ is assigned but we i reload the module
> usb-uhci the module said there is no IRQ...
> Maybe I forgot something ? Refreshing PCI Bus ?
I would of thought a PCI refresh would of been called for, if I remember
the pcitweak utility just writes to the PCI buses (or is it BIOS PnP)
memory the settings you want, to then use this you will need a refresh of
the PCI bus for the settings to be applied.

However if I remember this is not a good thing to do on <2.4.x kernels,
the main reason you would want to refresh the pci bus would be if you were
putting your laptop into a docking station, I think on 2.4.x kernels
'like' doing this.  I think you can refresh the bus with pcitweak.

I would suggest looking through the BIOS screen options but if I remember
you boys and girls down at Sony removed the *useful* text BIOS control
thing for 'convenience' :)


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