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re: Cut and paste in KDE (another solution)

I had same trouble trying to cut from KWord and paste into Netscape.  Solution is to do everything from within Netscape; eg use Communicator as text editor and cut from there.  You can minimize Communicator box, but leave text highlighted and don't close Communicator.  Good luck.


From:   Curt Howland <Howland@Priss.com> 
To:   "debian-laptop@lists.debian.org" <debian-laptop@lists.debian.org> 
The answer turned out to be "avoid the problem." Folks over on the KDE
main list were mixed, some had never had the problem, some had never
solved it, some had it miraculously fix itself. Netscape uses a
different clipboard than KDE, the "X" clipboard, as opposed to something
else. Darn.

So open xclipboard, "middle click" the text into it, and then Netscape
will paste just fine. Sure enough, it works.

Final question for a while: How to update the menu's? When I first
loaded KDE (or gnome, or just olwm earlier, the first time all the
Debian packages show up nicely shuffled out into menus. But changes
don't show up, neither delete nor add.

Any clues? It would be annoying to have such wonderful initial features
as automatic menu population only to have to then maintain those same
menus (where ever they are...) by hand.


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