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Titanium powerbook and oddities with 2.4.7 kernel

I am using the 2.4.7-pre7benh20010719 kernel on a G4 Titanium laptop.  I
have encountered a few oddities...

After the machine has been on for a few hours, the airport card starts
dropping packets.  Of course, during the time that the machine is on, the
fan fails to activate entirely.  Under MacOS X or MacOS 9, the fan does
activate, so I know that it is not a problem with the fan itself.  Also
under MacOS X and MacOS 9, the airport card doesn't display the same
problem with packet dropping.

I've got the ALSA sound drivers installed, but when I try to use the cdrom
for audio, TCD doesn't detect the audio cd in the drive.  Data CDs can be
properly mounted and read, and both data and audio CDs are OK under MacOS
X and MacOS 9.



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