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PCMCIA NIC installs [was Re: PCMCIA NICs on woody]

I also had an issue with a PCMCIA NIC install; mine was a 
floppy + net install.  At the point where it loads pcmcia
module support it reported an error it couldn't get past 
so I went to another console and got a shell and poked around.  

Oddly ifconfig showed the network up but misconfigured, so 
pcmcia must be running, so I poked around for the net config 
file and found /target/etc/pcmcia/network.opts and 

So I edited network.opts to match my network and did a 
/target/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart the installation proceeded
to fetch the base system from the net.  Is this what they
call giving the install script a slap upside the head?

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 09:18:57AM -0400, Ahlstrom, Christopher [Contractor] wrote:
> I had loaded the May 25th version of debian-woody from a CD image,
> and got some conflict between the NIC and some other device
> (which I expected, since I'd gotten a conflict between the NIC and
> the PCMCIA devices under Win NT.)  But I got it to where everything
> would come up fine.
> I later download all the disks of the July 4th version of debian-woody
> and upgraded.  The upgrade worked horribly, which I assume is
> due to some hand edits I'd made (e.g. to /etc/pcmcia/network.opts).
> Live 'n' learn.
> So I reinstalled from scratch.  However, I could never get the
> PCMCIA support to load.  Perhaps I needed to unplug the modem
> and NIC cards from the PCMCIA slots while installing that support?
>  (Please let me know if that is now the case with woody, or if it is
> just a bug in the latest woody.)
> Anyway, since the new woody wouldn't work, and I'd
> given the old woody CD away, I decided to go back to
> potato.
> There, the PCMCIA installed!  Then, the NIC installed!  Then
> the install reported the same error it did in woody for the
> PCMCIA support.  However, it all seems to work anyway.
> The whole point of this rhodomontade is that the installation
> for laptops seems pretty tricky!!
> Chris
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