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Re: RE: Sound on the IBM ThinkPad 600

<abell@intersys.com> schrieb am 19.07.01:
> Do you know what specific chip you have?  Are you dual-booting?  Perhaps
> an ESS Maestro?  If you can check it in windows, do so to see what card
> you have, or just call up tech support or find on the web the specific
> chip you are using and its interface.  You need to know whether your
> computer "thinks" it has a PCI or an ISA card, and what the sound chip
> is.
> --adam b.
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> From: Bernard Reißberg [mailto:bernard.reissberg@web.de] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 10:44 AM
> To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Sound on the IBM ThinkPad 600
> Hi folks!
> I have an IBM ThinkPad 600 with Debian Potato and I've tried a few times
> to get my soundcard working... without success. Could somebody give me a
> little help? 
> Thanks a lot!!!
> Bernard Reißberg
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Hi again!

I have only my Debian Potato on my Thinkpad. Windows was disposed by me on the same day I got my machine. ;-)
The soundchip is a Crystal CS4237 (I think so). I will try one more time to get it working. Just visited a few sites of linux-laptop.org. 
If somebody of you have an hint for me, just let me know, please.



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