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Re: Partition table install problems.... HELP!?!

> I had a similar problem. I think the real issue may be that you have
> labeled the dos partition incorrectly. The fdisk may have created a FAT32
> rather than the DOS16 you assumed - that was the situation I was in.
> Use the Linux fdisk program to relabel the DOS partition to FAT32, that
> may solve your problem.
> Your bootable tags are correct dont worry about those.
> Adryan

No, that's not it. I know that the DOS is FAT-16, because for three reasons:
1), I made it through DOS's FDISK, with large drive support turned off  2)
it registers as FAT-16 in DOS FDISK, Linux fdisk, and cfdisk (type 06), and
3) my hibernation drivers in DOS won't even install unless the partition is
FAT-16...  it won't install on a FAT-32, it will give an error.

I think I got it figured out now, thanks to the info from Peter. I marked
DOS as bootable, made Linux and swap non-bootable, and it works OK right
now. I'll try to re-install Debian from floppy later today. Wish me luck!


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