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Partition table install problems.... HELP!?!

I am new to the list, so please excuse if this message doesn't conform to
usual convention...  I am in a serious pickle, and need some help, quickly!

I have a laptop that I am trying to Install Debian 2.2r3 onto...  It is a
Compaq LTE 5300, P133, 48 MB RAM, 1.3 GB Toshiba IDE HD. I had a perfectly
configured, fresh install of Win 95 OSR2 on hda1, with unpartitioned space
on the rest of the drive (total capacity, 1.3 GB. Win used only 400 MB, rest
was free space). I fdisk'ed the partitions, made a 912 MB Linux, and a 52 MB
swap. Everything was looking good... The DOS FAT-16 partition was marked
Linux partition bootable. Now, when I try to boot back into Win 95, I get
"Invalid Partition Table" when I get past the POST, and I can't boot into
anything. I tried re-partitioning with DOS's FDISK, reformatted,
everything... still get "Invalid Partition Table". I am now at a loss... all
of the documentation says that both the DOS and Debian partitions (all three
are primary, including the swap) must be flagged "bootable". I know this
from experience as well.. DOS won't boot unless the partition is bootable.
So, what in the hell can I do? Debian is hosed, Win 95 is hosed, and 16
hours worth of work is down the drain...

If ANYONE has an answer, as well as a solution, PLEASE let me know! I need
something ASAP...

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