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Re: T22 modem setup / configuration with 2.2r3 installation help needed

> Randolph Kahle <RandyKahle@KahleAssociates.com> writes:
> > Now I need to configure the modem and get dial-up ISP support working. I
> > have never done this on any Linux installation and I believe I do not
> > even have the modem working on the T22.
> Depends on what you have in it.
> If you don't have a Mini-PCI ethernet/modem combo card (ie, the
> ethernet port in the back doesn't work), you have a Lucent Winmodem.
> Check out Lucent Winmodem Driver
> <URL:http://walbran.org/sean/linux/stodolsk/> (which I haven't tried).

In my past experience, if you install wvdial it works for many circumstances,
the "auto detect your modem" feature offered by wvdialconf is extremely

If you have an LTmodem (as one model I was playing with did) then the 
auto detect will work, once you have the ltmodem module properly loaded.
In our setup it decided it was ttyS14 and I had to create the /dev/modem
symlink pointing to that in order to make other things happy.

> If you do have an ethernet/modem combo card, you may or may not get it
> to work.  If it's a 3com card, there's no driver for the modem yet,
> afaik.  If it's an Intel card, the Lucent driver is reported to work
> with it.

See linmodems.org for more details that you really wanted to know :)
To cut it down to the laptop typical stuff - lucent released binary 
drivers which were crummy, the open world is working on our own.  IBM
is fully supporting a project (*with* source) that gets their Mwave 
softmodems working, but many thinkpads either have normal modems or none.

Look out for finding pcmcia modems that turn out to be winmodems too :(

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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