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Re: PCMCIA Modem Driver?

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 03:57:01PM +0100, Daniel Faulkner wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently a friend asked me 2 install linux on his laptop and
> most of it works well.
> (touchpad mouse was suprisingly easy)
> Sound, looks hard but from the sound of things has been done
> before and something I haven't had much of a go at yet.
> PCMCIA bus/controller thing I think is OK
> But the actual cards are the problem. There is a DVD card (not
> looked for a driver yet)
> And a modem (which is causing the problems)
> The modem is:
> PCMCIA modem, 3COM Megahertz 56k Global WinModem PC Card Model
> 3CCM656

 It says WinModem right on it, which means that the DSP functions are
handled by the CPU, not by dedicated hardware.  You _WILL_ have problems,
since most manufacturers don't tell anyone how to get the CPU to do this,
they just release windoze drivers.

> Laptop is:
> Gateway Solo 2500
> OS is:
> Debian Linux, Potato (Disks say 2.2.r3 on front) Kernal 2.2.18
> (I think if I remember right)
> So far what I've seen makes it look like a new modem is needed
> for certain but as linux is continualy updated I would like to
> know if there is a way to get the modem to work in linux.

 Try www.linmodems.org, though.  They've got something going, but I don't
know if it's useable or supports your card.

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