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Re: D-Link DFE 650 TX

> Unhappily I am definitively convinced that PCMCIA D-Link DFE 650TX 
> doesn't work in Linux after 3 days frustrated of countless attempts.  

Hmm, before giving up on it (you have the same model I do, it looks like, 
and at least one other has piped up with it too) I'd make sure to check 
/etc/config.opts.  In order for my stuff to work I had to uncomment some
exclude lines for IRQ - my sound functions and IR were getting them, and
if -any- card I put in got assigned those, it did not work.

Which would reduce the matter to it's the pcmcia setup that's wrong, not
the apps, or the card.  Hope it works.  

> In the file /var/log/messages observed that when I connect the net cable in PCMCIA it appears the message " lost link beat ". When I remove the cable it appears " found link beat ". That is very strange and comedian.  

Much more useful is the part where it says what IRQ it tried to give it.  Then
check if that IRQ belongs to something else.  And for *some* hardware it might
be sensitive to 9, unhappy about sharing it.

> I tried to use Suse, Conectiva and anything. Always the same mistake.

They all use the same card services code, so the defaults are all likely to
be the same.

>I used different Kernels and anything.

Unless you build your own 2.4, kernels have no -direct- effect on card 
services ... but the indirect effect is, you need to recompile the pcmcia
stuff immediately after, or the pcmcia modules won't match.   That's why
we provide deb's for the pcmcia modules with a kernel version marked on them.

(If you haven't yet tried aptitude or console-apt I highly recommend it.)

> In spite of the manufacturer it to indicate that PCMCIA is " Linux Ready " 

Means D-Link knows that card is listed in the "supported" list, nothing more.

> was not possible to do PCMCIA to communicate. In Windows 2000 PCMCIA works 
> perfectly sparing any driver configuration.

IRQs are sorted out differently.  By the way turn off "plug and play os"
in your CMOS if you haven't already.  We're reeeeeeeally allergic to stuff
changing their IRQs out from under our noses.

> Thankful 
> Fabiano Sousa

Let us know if tweaking /etc/config.opts helps

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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