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Re: 2.2.19 won't run on toshiba sat 470CDT

Othmar Pasteka wrote:
> hi,
> On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 10:39:50AM -0700, Eric Richardson wrote:
> > I don't have a Toshiba but I'm curious how you got the pcmcia-modules
> > for 2.2.19? I upgraded to 2.2.19 kernel and no pcmcia modules came with
> > the kernel. I filed a bug report and a few days later after I saw the
> > 2.2.19 modules I did an apt-get install pcmcia-modules-2.2.19 and got
> > version 3.1.22-0.2potatok4 and the apt system also replace my kernel
> > with a matching one. This one works.
> apt-get source pcmcia-cs and follow the README in debian/, i.e.
> do a debian/rules binary-modules ... it needs the linux source in
> /usr/src/linux and it also has to be configured ...

I did compile the pcmcia-modules but I don't compile my own kernel yet
so I couldn't try it out. I don't think you mentioned that you were
compiling you own stuff. I thought you were using stock 2.2r3.

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