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Re: Hard drive crash

JParker@coinstar.com wrote:
> G'Day !
> I have an old Dell Latitude LX that has proven to be very reliable over the years
> and powerful enough to handle the loads I put it through.  In addition, the price
> is right.  But today the old harddrive crashed, so I need to get a replacement.
> Now I do not think they make 500M ide harddrives anymore, so does anyone have any
> ideas about replacement hd's ?

Just about any laptop hard drive should work.  You may have to run something like
DriveManager on it (which Linux understands just fine) for it to work. 
DriverManager doesn't completely understand Linux, so you have to make sure you have
a partition marked "Bootable" or it won't boot.

Other than that, it should be straightforward.  I've done hard drive upgrades on
laptops half a dozen times now with no problems.

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