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Re: reiserfs?

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Peter Cordes wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 06:55:36PM +0100, Alexander Clouter wrote:
>> Anyone have any ideas about how a laptop's battery time is lowered by the
>> tree-balancing.  This is not a problem for mains-computers however laptops
>> anything that uses CPU cycles (although they may normally be idle ones)
>> uses juice.
> It wouldn't be very fast if it used so much CPU that it consumed a
>noticeable amount more electric power.  Rebalancing only has to happen when
>something else is writing, and usually rebalancing doesn't take much time at
>all.  Every file system has some CPU overhead for management.  Reiserfs
>doesn't do a lot of copying around blocks on disk, since that would be slow.
>Rearranging a bit of memory is really quite fast.
> Don't worry about the CPU load from reiserfs.

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