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Kernel 2.4.1 and PPP

Hello World,

Since I updated my Laptop to Kernel 2.4.1, PPP doesn't work any more.
The script connects, I get a


and then

Serial conection established.

message, but instead of getting an IP-Address, I get

Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: invalid argument

My modem is a PCMCIA modem, and I have the kernel PCMCIA drivers.
According to /var/log/messages the modem is recognized and installed as
ttyS01. I have the PPP drivers and devfs installed directly into the
kernel. pppd is version 2.4.0f-1. All changes documented in
Documents/Changes are made. The rest of the system is Debian unstable

Has anyone had the same problem nad found a fix.

Any suggestions, what to do?

Thanks in advance and best regards
	Andreas Tscharner
Andreas Tscharner                                   starfire@dplanet.ch
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