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Re: not start networking automatically?

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 08:33:24PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> Hmm, occurs to me I may be misunderstanding the question.
> Do you mean "not bring up anything when I insert the card" (which I answered
> with software eject instructions) or do you mean "only bring up modem service
> right now, ether later"?

yeah, that one.  i only want modem services. /etc/pcmcia/network stop eth0 works for me, but i just want to automate it so i don't have to type.

> I can't tell by your card, maybe 
> 	ifconfig eth0 down 
> ...would be sufficient, or not.
> Schemes can be used to your advantage. 

yeah, that sounds good.  where can i read about schemes?


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