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Re: not start networking automatically?

> can anyone tell me how i can configure my pcmcia so that networking is 
> not brought up automatically when i insert my network/modem combo card?
> thanks,
> nathanp.

not *directly* but...

push in the card (beep ... boop)
	cardctl eject (beep)

when you're ready,
	cardctl insert (beep beep)

I usually carry the card plugged in, but hop between 3 or 4 nets a lot
and sometimes others, many behind firewalls.  (Thus my sig.)  WHat gets 
me is when I forget to issue the eject command and there's no net around 
then startx hates me (because the yutzy little script wants to reverse 
resolve my hostname, or something).  Sigh.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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