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Re: X instability

> Hi.
> I'm running woody (I know, I know, but I have another machine running it
> which is extremely stable so...)
> My problem is that X is quite unstable (I use this machine for work, and X
> crashes about once a day.
What sort of "doesn't work" does it do? ("crashes" is vague - does it go
black and dump you text mode; lock the system hard; lock it "soft" eg you
can ssh in and use chvt to switch the console away from your blind X; etc.)

Any particular app get run just as it crashes?  (Is something giving it 
an "allergy"?)

Error messages?

Run with really verbose logging and then look at the X error log?

*don't* background startx, and see if anything useful burbles onto the
console screen - which, since it's text mode, will outlast the crash...

> I had RedHat 7 on this machine before, and it didn't crash a single time
> (not once). Actually, RedHat installed XFree86 3.3.6, but woody uses 4.0...
> not sure if that's the problem...
> I have a Mitac 6120N, with an ATi Rage LT Pro video adapter (using ati
> driver).
> Ideas?

Yeah, did you keep your XF86Config from when it worked perfectly before?
Not much, but it may be enough to tell if it's using a wider (maybe more 
fragile?) frequency range for the monitor.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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