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Re: X config help

"Tom Allison" <tallison@phoenixdsl.com> writes:

> I just installed Debian 2.2r2 on my Thinkpad.
> I was previously running Slackware on this machine and decided to give
> Debian a try.
> Maybe this is a newbie Q but...
> How the heck to you configure gnome & sawmill to work together?
> I have ~/.xsession with the one line:
> gnome-session & exec sawmill

you only need "exec gnome-session". The rest is taken care of by GNOME
itself. If you want to use GNOME (not just a panel), you have to
select your WM from gnome control center (*NOT* in .xsession).

> And this doesn't quite do it.  Apparently sawmill and gnome are not binding
> together properly.

They do, see above :)

> I've checked the Debian and Gnome web site for docs.  What I have here is
> not covered - it's assumed I've gotten this far...
> Also, is there someway I can set this as the global default?

Yes. You have to edit system-wide xsession (in /etc/X11 I
think). Another way is to use alternatives (seems to be more
elegant). You can configure x-window-manager to be gnome-session and
it will be started by default (someone, correct my if I'm wrong here).


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